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-AnaLu- *In Rainbows* NATURAL [01-15]

It’s done! I, finally, found time to make demos, ads and make the skins available for sale at very attractive prices.

-AnaLu- In Rainbows NATURAL panel


Thank you for taking interesting in my creations. Hope you will like them.

The shape used is Clarissa by Carissa Crimson of Silhoutte.

The skins are based in the Splendor skin by Sezmra Svarog released with the note:

This is a skin resource kit for females, called “Splendor”.
**You are free to use these files to create your own skins for your Second Life avatar, no matter what Grid you are using it on.
**You are free to alter these files to create your own skins in order to resell them.
**You are NOT encouraged to redistribute these files, commercially, as is. Please don’t take advantage of others – it may return to haunt you.

NEWS!! CSR for -AnaLu- *fresh poses*


I have set up a webpage for CSR for -AnaLu- *fresh poses*. It’s really easy to use and you can ask a question, share an idea, report a problem or start a discussion.
Customer Service is quite important and I want to do my best to help anyone who might eventually have a problem. Actually, I am starting this because feedback is always appreciate, in my opinion, and even a complaint can be a positive thing to make a product better than it is.
Check it here:
-AnaLu- *fresh poses*

P.S.: I am working in new poses… 😉

-AnaLu- *fresh poses* has new poses!

I have two new pose packs for sale in-world:

29 :: -AnaLu- *fresh poses* ( 337-348 )
-AnaLu- *fresh poses* (337-348)

30 :: -AnaLu- *fresh poses* ( 349-360 )
-AnaLu- *fresh poses* (349-360)

These two packs have been in my inventory for a while and now they, finally, see the light of day.
They are for sale in my mainstore.

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I have a suggestion box at the mainstore. Feel free to use it by droping notecards in it.

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