.VOGA. almost open!

While the pictures are being developed and if you are curious to know what these songs have in common, take the taxi to Starlust and find out.
TAXI: http://bit.ly/VOGAslurl

❤ AnaLu Tripsa

people actually ask for freebies to blog in freebie blogs? o.O

Seriously, I don’t get it. If the item is free why don’t people follow the rules and get the item…? Is that hard?
What I don’t get is receiving notecards saying hey! I have a freebies blog with high traffic and you can send me your freebies, if you want and when I check the so-called high traffic to find an unknown (to me) website with very low traffic. I replied saying that the traffic wasn’t so high and pointing to the previous post with info about the free item and the response was, well, not so nice…

Is that hard to place a store in your picks, wait 24h/48h and then grab a freebie…?
Do people forget that a freebie is actually something the creator spent money on? For uploading a texture, an animation or a sound, SLers need to pay 10L$ each and I am not talking about all the time creators spend in front of the computer creating the item and all the uploads that go directly to the trash can…
Seriously, I don’t get it!

On the other side…
Farah Palmer in Fab Free wrote two delightful posts with her amazing pics crediting the poses:
a helping hand… | springy freebies!
Thank you, Farah, from the bottom of my heart, for crediting every single creator that offers their hard work to the SL™ community.

teaser and a gift

By placing my store in your profile picks, you can grab some of the unreleased poses for free. However, this offer won’t be around for much longer…

Here’s an image of some of the poses I have been working and that will be released very soon.

-AnaLu- *fresh poses* MAINSTORE