people actually ask for freebies to blog in freebie blogs? o.O

Seriously, I don’t get it. If the item is free why don’t people follow the rules and get the item…? Is that hard?
What I don’t get is receiving notecards saying hey! I have a freebies blog with high traffic and you can send me your freebies, if you want and when I check the so-called high traffic to find an unknown (to me) website with very low traffic. I replied saying that the traffic wasn’t so high and pointing to the previous post with info about the free item and the response was, well, not so nice…

Is that hard to place a store in your picks, wait 24h/48h and then grab a freebie…?
Do people forget that a freebie is actually something the creator spent money on? For uploading a texture, an animation or a sound, SLers need to pay 10L$ each and I am not talking about all the time creators spend in front of the computer creating the item and all the uploads that go directly to the trash can…
Seriously, I don’t get it!

On the other side…
Farah Palmer in Fab Free wrote two delightful posts with her amazing pics crediting the poses:
a helping hand… | springy freebies!
Thank you, Farah, from the bottom of my heart, for crediting every single creator that offers their hard work to the SL™ community.


6 responses to “people actually ask for freebies to blog in freebie blogs? o.O

  1. I feel very sad when I hear these things Ana! That people can do such things, just amazes me everytime… I truly hope not all freebie-lovers (so to says) are like that!
    And I totally admire you (and all the other desingers ;)) for giving out AWESOME freebies!!

    xxx Farah

  2. Ana I think that it may have something to do with time restrictions, more than anything in this case. Ask yourself about your own time limits in world to get as much done as you do, that the free items blogger, just like the not free items blogger, wants to make sure that the readers they have, have up to the moment information as soon as possible.

    That they want to show your items the second you announce such a thing is a testament to your good work, and them wanting to share that asap. Also in the case of a picks reward item, you are asking a person to take up real estate in their own profile to give you ongoing mileage in the search engine, we have a limited amount of picks, just like groups, and that space is valuable to many.

    There are possibly hundreds of stores now, if not many more using this system, so that means if they are allocating that space to other stores they have to swap it out, tp to yours, add yours , go back next day, tp back to other place and repeat. But could send your way equally dozens if not hundreds of potential customers and people that will add you to picks, as well as discover your poses possibly for the first time and buy, isn’t that what you are doing it for ?.

    I would summise that the blogger in question whoever it may have been, possibly felt so comfortable and secure in asking you , a fellow blogger for said items that it didn’t occur to them to not. As for the high traffic part in their blog, takes one reader to spread the word that your product is good.


  3. About a year ago I went to a top designers main store and picked up a freebie, was a very bad design. So I quit chasing freebies. Really see no reason for designers to give out free items, I can understand it as a gift for grp members.Seems it is the same people going after the freebie’s. Why spend money, if they can get 10 new designs at different stores every week? Do top designers think giving away items to bloggers helps get them an honest review? If a top designer was to give me something to blog about I would say it was great, so I can get something from them next month.
    Bottom line if you have great creations to sell, they will! (Note,not directed towards any designer)

  4. Sasy,
    The blogger in question doesn’t even that I am a blogger… And, besides, I can understand all that but I can’t never understand rudeness and I simply can’t understand being asked for freebies.

    As a blogger, I think you are wrong. As a blogger after receiving an item, I will make an honest review. It is impossible to afford to buy stuff to blog – at least, for me. However, I wouldn’t never ask for a freebie and I wouldn’t never ask for an item for a cause; like a RFL dress or something like that where proceeds go directly to the cause.

  5. Sasy,
    I was not replying that your would not give an honest review. This blog is one of the few that I read on a regular bases.
    You usually can tell the ones that give a great review .The same designer week after week, no matter what the design looks like. I once did a bad review on a Jador design, to me it was really a bad one, but I did put in the article that her other designs were great. I even work for her now! But again that was only my opinion.

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