Cotton Candy…


Tenshi Vielle wrote a detailed article with the whole story at Shopping Cart Disco and there’s also an article at SL Universe Forums :: Tessy Kaos: Don’t rent from her.
I have had a shop at Cotton Candy. Yesterday, I IMmed the new owner with a couple of questions and I am still waiting for an answer. In my point of view this a childish way of doing business… and I thought SL was for adults!
The best way to deal with this issue is not through an AR but with a proper complaint at eJustice Center because LL® will ignore business related AR’s.

My in-world locations have been updated on the sidebar.

I am not currently looking for a place to rent nor am I looking for another location for my store. If I see a place I like I might consider having another store. For now, my two stores are enough.


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