free photo studio @ Mystikal

free photo studio @ Mystikal
free photo studio @ Mystikal

It’s a small place with a photo studio with lots of backdrops and a posing stand with poses. If we see that the place is too small for all the people that want to use it, I will manage to make it bigger. If anyone needs WL presets you can download them here.
*UPDATE* This is a place where people can go and use a studio. It’s not a studio for free. You can TP to the location and make your pictures using my backdrops and some of my poses. The pose stand has over 100 poses and there are about 30 different plain backdrops that I have created in Photoshop. None of it are for sale. They are set for use to everyone who doesn’t have a place to make their own pictures.
And you can add the pics to the flickr group. 😉

free photo studio @ Mystikal


4 responses to “free photo studio @ Mystikal

  1. I know. Before I had my own studio, I used free photo studios I found around SL. I remember searching for studios and not finding them…

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