In-world you will only find the new pose packs. Refreshed, revamped and organized. I have made new ADs for *all* my poses, lowered some prices, fixed some poses and added lotsa of new ones… but these ones will have to wait a few more days to be *officially* released and announced (and stuff). Basically, the novelties will be released whenever I stop posting the new posters. The old pose packs are for sale in OnRez only and I might add them to SL Exchange.
And… I have a request: if you are using my poses for your store, blog posts or pics taken around the grid, let me know so I can add you to my blogroll. I would love to see my blogroll growing. Please, don’t be shy. ❤

OnRez | SLExchange

The poses are being sold at the usual places:
-AnaLu- @ Cotton Candy | -AnaLu- @ [MG fashion] factory | -AnaLu- @ Stellar Isle


2 responses to “almost

  1. Yay, Tarissa! I do realize that I have *LOTS* of poses. The problem is that when I have an idea I start creating and enjoy it so much that I can’t stop.

    I believe that the main problem is that my store are too small to properly show the poses packs. I am looking for a bigger space where I can set each pose pack with their pose stand individually.

    My next project will be animated poses but that will take a while before I am ready for it. 😉

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