(my) Subscribe-o-Matic

As it turns out, I am keeping my Subscribe-O-Matic. Most of you may know that I have supported this system since it appear in SL. There are some new similar systems appearing in SL but i don’t believe either would have the reliability of SoM. Have you notice that hasn’t been one single unscheduled outage in the last 6 months, despite Second Life connectivity problems…? Well, I certainly have.

I have heard that MSo is working in even more improvements for the system. If you have ideas, let him know. I am sure he will keep them in mind.
One of the things I would love to be able to manage is my own subscriptions. 😉

If, by any change, you decided to give it a shot just because you saw in my blog, please let MSo Lambert know. We’ll appreciate!

The poses are being sold at the usual places:
.:[AnaLu]:. @ Cotton Candy | .:[AnaLu]:. @ [MG fashion] factory | .:[AnaLu]:. @ Stellar Isle | .:[AnaLu]:. @ *fuse
.:[AnaLu]:. @ OnRez


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