The sale ended last night. All the vendors were updated with the original prices. What I learned from this experience was that it was a bit silly to have the sale in all the in-world locations. It would be far easier to manage if I had the sale in only one location. Maybe that’s what will happen in the next sale.
The Subscribe-o-Matic update group is up and running. It has now 171 members… so many people. I truly hope that I can keep this system running for the .:[AnaLu]:. fresh poses. It will all depend on how (well) the poses will sell from now on just because Subscribe-o-Matic is a paid system not a free one (like the group in my profile *hint*). So, I guess we will have to see how it goes.

The poses are being sold at the usual places:
.:[AnaLu]:. @ Cotton Candy | .:[AnaLu]:. @ [MG fashion] factory | .:[AnaLu]:. @ Stellar Isle | .:[AnaLu]:. @ *fuse
.:[AnaLu]:. @ OnRez


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